What Is Health Care Service Corporation?

Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) is authorized and affiliated insurer that provides comfort and dignity to thousands of individuals every day. The service helps the elderly, convalescent, and disabled people who live in their own homes instead of living in hospitals.

The role play of Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)

Health Service, dependent on the Ministry of Health, is responsible to ensure that health institutions available to citizens are as complete as possible and offer care in an adequate manner. In particular, it proceeds to manage, control, and address the situation of primary care centers, hospitals, blood transfusion centers, and all mental health-related care.

Health care service is the act and the effect of serving. The concept refers to the activity that consists of performing a certain action to satisfy a need. In general, HCSC services involve offering something that is not material, unlike products that are material goods. Health assistants with experience and appropriate training can help with medical equipment such as ventilators. Most of them work with seniors or disabled people that require more extensive care. Others help patients when they leave the hospital after a short stay. Under the supervision of nurses and doctors, they provide medical services. Nurses usually take the pulse rate, temperature and respiration of patients, and help with simple exercises. Aides help patients to lie down and get out of bed, bathe, dress, comb and groom.

The “philosophy” of health services

Health services should be considered as an essential organ for the promotion and surveillance of health, with the aim of promoting a healthy and safe environment, where all members are comfortable, satisfied, with a broad degree of wellbeing and strongly motivated.

Why do you need health services?

The idea of health is linked to the physical and psychological well-being of a person. When an individual is in good health, your body can perform its functions normally and your psyche does not show alterations. It can be said that the articulation of these services constitutes a system of attention oriented to the maintenance, the restoration and the promotion of the health of the people. It’s important to bear in mind that health services not only consider the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or disorders, they also cover everything related to the prevention of illness and the dissemination of what helps to develop a healthy life.

In recent years, the economic crisis has led to many countries opting for significant cuts in public health services. Most countries have public and private health services. Public health services are managed and financed by the State, while private health services provide assistance to gain profit. HCSC guarantees medical attention to all people, regardless of the lack of economic resources.