Home Nursing – How to Hire Certified Professionals

Home nursing is a service provided by a public or private institution, through licensed nurses or nursing technical assistants, to provide the patient with the care similar to a clinic or a hospital, but in their own home.

Features of Home nursing to take into account

It’s not always easy to choose the right people for home nursing. References are important, and sometimes finding them is too. Companies specialized in these home nursing services are a good option, since part of their job is to select the right personnel, which makes our decision less risky. In this regard, we recommend some points to consider to hire a nurse at home:

  • Verify and hire a certified company: A certified company can guarantee in providing a quality service. They must be registered and have an RUC number.
  • Ask for recommendations from the company: Nowadays, it’s easier to obtain recommendations. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or blogs are common channels used by major companies to allow users to consult, comment, or complain.
  • Check if the company assumes responsibilities: It’s important to check if the company is responsible in case the health professional doesn’t fulfil its functions. If so, you can request a written commitment.
  • Request a physical address: This can help you understand about the service in more detail. It also gives you a chance to ask more questions related to the service which requires in-depth explanation.
  • Email and business phones: Any associated company will take care of having a specific company telephone to meet the requests. On the other hand, Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo email accounts are free and used more frequently by individuals, and not by established companies.

How to avoid the serious complications

If the help you require is mainly medical, for example, to care for a wound or for intravenous antibiotic therapy at home, this requires skilled home nursing care, which consists of visits by a registered or licensed practical nurse. When the services you need are more personal than medical, but essential in helping you recover, a home health aide could be of help.

The advantages of a nursing home are diverse, among which we mention:

  • Comfort for the patient.
  • Cost reduction due to dislodgments in prolonged treatments.
  • Avoid risks due to inadequate patient movement.
  • Post-operative management.
  • Prevention.
  • Special and individual care for each of the patients, as well as their family members and those in charge.
  • Caring for the sick at home.
  • No hidden costs.

How to cover costs

When a doctor prescribes or recommends the nurse who visits you, part-time help from a certified home health care center can be covered by private health insurance and Medicare. Make sure you know how many hours of care they cover and in what period of time.

If you need a nursing care, nursing services, wound healing, injectable application, or any other home service from a nurse or nursing assistant, you can count on us.